About Us

Craven & White is a Warwickshire based business specialising in the design and creation of silver and glass alongside running workshops. The company was formed 11 years ago with a desire to get back to doing something creative after our first child.

Initially making simple silver and stone jewellery for boutique shops I've trailed the country for bead fairs to choose beautiful items to include in my products. About 15 years ago, whilst at another bead fair, I watched a lady making her very own beads from canes of glass and knew instantly that this was something I had to try. I then dragged my long suffering husband to join me in a glass lampwork bead making course (he pretended not to enjoy it but I saw the smirk on his face when the tutor told him he was in fact very good for a beginner!) and that's where the love affair with glass began.

I have spent the last few years developing my bead making skills behind the scenes between having two more children, restoring our 16 th century home and juggling daily life! It's now time to share my creations with the rest of the world ... so I am very proud to introduce our unique handcrafted glass beads made here in the United Kingdom.

Combined with sterling silver you can also personalise your jewellery to make an individual piece for you to treasure. I also welcome bespoke commissions - with such a plethora of beautiful glass to choose from there is a colour to suit every occassion.

If you would like to see me in action come along to our studio, its a wonderful place to be!



Caroline x

Caroline Craven BA (Hons) - Designer - caroline.craven@cravenandwhite.com